#UnapologeticallyMe series part 10- You do you

Ruberta Bisson
2 min readAug 29, 2021

What’s bothering me right now is that today’s society seems to have a fear of otherness and a need to influence/comment on the decisions or situation of others. It’s not on.

Examples of this in general:

Mask wearers and non-mask wearers hating on eachother

Anti-vaxxers and those that vaccinate are at war

Political beliefs divide people

Race and class divide people

Assuming that those with a disability or mental illness must be faking or are horrid

Assuming people can't change

Assuming what's right for you is right for everyone

Examples in my own life:

As a young carer, my priorities are different from other people under 30, but that's 'weird'

As a young person, my views count less than those of people who are older

Having chosen to home educate, people are always questioning if this was a good decision

As carers claiming social support, we must be scroungers and worthy of contempt

As someone struggling with my mental health, I cannot be taken seriously

Others assuming I will make up with family members who I have gone no contact with

Is it any wonder that many people feel lonely and isolated, if just about anything they do or say can make them hated? It makes life so much harder and discourages people from sharing their views.


Not easy, I know. You may have to let go of people who really harass you about your situation or thoughts, but it can be better that way.

While many have learned the value of friends and family during the pandemic, I feel it's more that we need good and supportive friends and family. Anyone else can go when having them around becomes too much.

Many also learned that life is precious and short. I agree, with the caveat that we should therefore live as much as possible of our life shame-free and proud of ourselves.

Life will not always be easy, but you can control the grace with which you handle the bumps in the road. Why make it harder for yourself by feeling ashamed? It will only make it tougher and longer to come out the other side of it.

So the practical advice here is to maintain your own thoughts about a situation despite what others think. This usually involves getting clear on the rationale behind a decision. Once you have made it and are proud of it, stand by it. You know your reasons.

Only you are in control of what you do. Don't let someone else take over. If they don't like that, it's not your problem. Keep going.

Thank you readers. Keep living your #UnapologeticLife



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